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Robert Lunte. The Vocalist Studio Coach

Robert Lunte here. Good to meet you.

When I’m not in my Jeep driving around Idaho listening to solo guitar music, I run The Vocalist Studio, where over the last 20 years more than 100,000 people around the world have come to get vocal training from me through my online courses or one-on-one vocal coaching.

How have I been able to train so many people around the world to sing at a professional level? Well, I wrote a renowned book called “The Four Pillars of Singing” and created extensive online vocal training courses to lead people through my TVS Method.

The Vocalist Studio Method is a proven training method and framework that has allowed thousands of people to finally cut through the noise of random Youtube vocal coaches so they can make actual progress with their singing.

(Yes, there really is an online program that will actually help you get the results you’re looking for if you commit to practicing.)

At The Vocalist Studio, we’re hardcore vocal training coaches that pick you up on the desolate, unnamed backcountry road that the other vocal coaches left you off at.

And if you let me, I plan on taking you and your singing career somewhere far beyond those dusty roads without names. I’ll give you a map and super clear directions so you know exactly what roads you need to travel on to get where you want to go.

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The TVS Method is the fastest growing method of voice training in the world today. Credibility equals an endorsement by thousands of singers, voice coaches and pro audio sponsors around the world.