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If there was a predictable, step-by-step method that could teach you to sing well enough to win auditions for any kind of singing performance without feeling confused and without injuring your voice, would you finally feel confident enough to make improving your singing skills your number one priority?

Here’s why anything short of an enthusiastic head-nod is going to cost you:

Every day, hundreds of singers around the world are winning auditions that open up a new world of possibilities for them.

The question is, are you winning auditions?

Whether you’re in a Soundgarden cover band or you’ve been trying to get into a music theater performance but haven’t been able to yet, the success of your singing career depends heavily on your answer to this question.

If you know without a doubt that you’re not getting the opportunities to perform that you should, or that you could be singing in much better venues than your Uncle Bob’s wedding…

Then keep reading…

Because what follows could EASILY be the most pivotal moment you’ll look back on in a few months from now when you start getting emails saying that you’re exactly what the group is looking for and they aren’t afraid to lay down serious cash to prove it.

But first, there’s a problem we need to talk about…

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

You sink into the couch after a long night of waiting tables and power up the bluetooth speaker on the table.

You open Spotify on your phone and pull up your favorite songs playlist, and as the first song on the list starts to carry you away to somewhere else, you start to feel it: That familiar pull of the big dream you have…

You want to sing like that on stage in front of huge crowds.

But whether it’s the fatigue from the long hours on your feet waiting tables, or a bit of sadness that you haven’t realized your dream yet, you sink lower into the couch wanting to hide from it all.

The problem?

You don’t know how to sing like your favorite singer.

You know there’s something they’re doing to belt out those high notes, but whenever you try to get past your vocal break, you’re pushing hard and there’s always that moment where you make a sound like someone just choked a duck.

Something in you knows that if you can’t gracefully bridge over the vocal break and sing in your head voice with a strong, belting sound, you’ll never win an audition, and this dream of yours will collect dust on the bookshelf of your younger years.

And then it hits you: your day job might be as good as it gets.

But deep down inside, you know there’s got to be more to life than this.

And here’s the thing…

With all of your intense effort and commitment, isn’t it time you actually started receiving some damn payoff?

With the amount of time, effort, and bullish commitment you’ve invested in becoming a better singer, you deserve the payoff.

You deserve to know exactly how to create the kind of vocal sounds you need to in order to win auditions so that you can wake up in the mornings and see emails that say “You’re in. We’d love to have you sing for us.”

You deserve to know the best warm-up routines and vocal training techniques that allow you to sing the way professionals do, without having to sift through endless Youtube videos that don’t actually help you make any progress.

You deserve to feel like the larger-than-life lead singer of a band that’s quickly becoming well-known, rather than the perpetual daydreamer longing and hoping that one day, maybe you’ll get to sing in a band.

In a moment, I’m gonna show you how to finally tip the scales in your favor. But first, there are a few key things you need to let soak into your brain.

The 4 Reasons You’re Still Stuck Daydreaming About Singing Professionally Instead of Actually Doing It.

Reason #1: You think that some people are born to sing and others aren’t.

I know it’s easy to believe this one.

You listen to Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and think that he’s so good at singing that he must have been born to sing like that, as if he just came out of the womb, had no training, and was able to sing as well as he does, kind of like how Mozart was writing symphonies at age 5.

Here’s what you need to know:

Almost anyone can learn to sing.


How do I know this is true? Because singing is just like training to become a world-class athlete. It’s just that instead of working for large muscle groups like your quads and hamstrings, you’re training much smaller muscles around your voice.

If you fully commit to your vocal training, taking it as seriously as a world-class athlete would, and if you have a good vocal coach who knows how to lead you through a training system, you can learn to sing at a much higher skill level than what you can imagine right now.

Bottom line: people aren’t born to sing. They train and practice and then train some more. Even superstars have vocal coaches they train with from time to time, both in between tours and even during tours. And if you do the same, you can learn to do what your favorite singers can do.

Here’s a little more about these myths and problems I’ve been talking about in the video below:

Reason #2: You've been led to believe the terms “falsetto” and “head voice” mean the same thing.

Wrong. I’ll tell you right now, this is one of the biggest things holding people back from becoming truly great singers.

Falsetto is soft and windy sounding (because there is too much respiration in the glottis, which happens when the vocal folds don’t close.) It’s what makes us sound like little kids.

Your head voice, on the other hand, is a place. It’s THE place. It’s the upper register where high notes happen. And guess what? There are many different types of amazing sounds you can make in the head voice.

These are the kinds of sounds that leave people in awe when you sing them. They’re the kind of sounds that lead to you getting a lot of performance gigs because you can make the kind of sounds that the songs need, that your band or performance group needs, and that audiences want to hear.

Learning to belt high notes in your head voice, or to scream with a bit of distortion, is the key that will unlock the door between you sitting on the couch dreaming about being a professional singer and you actually walking out on stage in front of 5,000 people to lead the cheering, dancing crowd through a mind-altering, heart-pumping experience.

You’d be able to do that because to other people you will have become a superhero with extraordinary capabilities. That’s the power of belting in your head voice.

And I’ll tell you right now: learning to sing well in your head voice is totally within the realm of possibility. I’ve trained hundreds of people just like you to do it. I trained myself to do it as well.

From the age of 15 I’ve dedicated my life to figuring out how to learn it, do it, and teach it to others. This one thing, singing strongly in the head voice, is in some sense the purpose of my existence in the world.

Reason #3: Baritones have been told they can’t sing high notes.

Maybe you’ve been told this many times by different voice coaches, but this is flat out wrong.

I’m a baritone, and I can sing all kinds of high notes. I do it for 10 to 20 hours a week as a teacher and singer.

So what gives? Classical singing vocal classifications called “vocal fach,” that’s what.

But unless you’re training to be a classical singer performing operas, art songs, or big concert choirs, guess what? You don’t need to be limited by their classifications.

If you’re a baritone like me, you can let go of this myth right now. You can sing high notes, and you can sing them with a rich sound that tenors can’t make because their vocal folds aren’t as thick as yours.

Rich high notes with lots of different kinds of vocal colors mean that you’ll get big “yes’s” when it comes time to audition for performance gigs.

And if you’re already in a band or group performing? It means more gigs with bigger paychecks.

Reason #4: You've always thought that if you can sing well, then you don’t need vocal training.

If you think that Chris Cornell can sing like he does having never gotten any vocal training, think again.

When I was learning to sing, I trained and studied with a man named Maestro David Kyle, in Seattle. And it turns out that in his early years, Chris Cornell also trained with David Kyle.

Since we were running in the same circles, I know Chris was learning and training with David, so I can tell you without a doubt, Chris had training!

All of the top singers in the world get professional training from knowledgeable vocal coaches. There’s just no way to reach that level of expertise without proper training.

Usain Bolt didn’t just arrive at the Olympics without any coaching, and you’re not going to arrive on stage in front of huge crowds without coaching either.

Here’s the truth:

Singers don’t get a pass on training. If you’re really going to do this right…if you’re going to make your daydreams a reality…get ready to work.


Just like a good running coach took Usain through a systematic, structured approach so he could go on to run at faster speeds than any human has ever run, a good vocal coach will have a proven system with warm-ups, exercises, and methods that will allow you to blow the socks off of people who listen to you, leaving them covered in goosebumps.

The good news is…

Learning to sing like a professional singer
is easier than ever…

If you’re still with me, then you ALREADY know that learning to sing strongly in your head voice is critical to your success as a professional singer.

No need to remind you of that.

But maybe you didn’t know that by training to get to that skill level using my proven TVS Method of vocal training that I’m about to share with you, you’ll also be able to:

  • Warm-up your voice with warm-up drills that will help prevent you from injuring your voice.
  • Bridge and connect your chest voice with your head voice smoothly and without choking or pushing.
  • Learn the 9 different types of sounds you can make in your head voice so that you can sing any song your group wants you to sing (from the soft silky tones of Sam Smith to the beefy, heroic belts of Bruce Dickinson.)
  • Scream in a way that both sounds amazing and doesn’t leave you unable to speak for 2 days, or in some cases, a lifetime…because you’ve damaged your voice from not having the right techniques.
  • Win an audition for a band you want to join and make it easier for your band to get booked over and over because you know how to deliver the sound they will demand if you want to keep your job as their singer. (Reality check: Either you execute in a band, or the band members will fire you. Bands don’t care about your vocal problems, so it’s up to you to bring your “A” game.) Yes, these outcomes are totally in reach for you, whether you’ve already gotten into a band, won a spot in a musical theater performance, or you’re still hoping to win an audition that will open up the door to you singing on stage…

…but they DO depend on taking a comprehensive, systematic approach to vocal training.

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Who the heck am I to tell you this?

Robert Lunte here. Good to meet you.

When I’m not in my Jeep driving around Idaho listening to solo guitar music, I run The Vocalist Studio, where over the last 20 years more than 100,000 people around the world have come to get vocal training from me through my online courses or one-on-one vocal coaching.

How have I been able to train so many people around the world to sing at a professional level? Well, I wrote a renowned book called “The Four Pillars of Singing” and created extensive online vocal training courses to lead people through my TVS Method.

The Vocalist Studio Method is a proven training method and framework that has allowed thousands of people to finally cut through the noise of random Youtube vocal coaches so they can make actual progress with their singing. (Yes, there really is an online program that will actually help you get the results you’re looking for if you commit to practicing.)

At The Vocalist Studio, we’re hardcore vocal training coaches that pick you up on the desolate, unnamed backcountry road that the other vocal coaches left you off at.

And if you let me, I plan on taking you and your singing career somewhere far beyond those dusty roads without names. I’ll give you a map and super clear directions so you know exactly what roads you need to travel on to get where you want to go.

Have a watch of the short video below to hear a bit more about my background and how I can help you:

Steven Douglas Antonsen

Lead Singer of Colossal Boss

"Back in 2003, I dropped out of college and wanted to join a rock band. My parents weren’t happy about that, but I joined a band anyway. I had no experience whatsoever and after the first few shows we played in those smoky dive bars I would lose my voice every night. I was literally coughing up blood and it was obvious that I was singing incorrectly. So I started to look around for a vocal coach to help me, because I knew that if I kept losing my voice our band wouldn’t be able to do anymore shows. I wanted a coach who could teach me to sing those big, strong, powerful notes. That’s the style I liked. I found Robert and The Vocalist Studio online and after I started learning from his 4 Pillars of Singing method and treating my training like a vocal athlete, I got that strength. I got the ability to sing those big strong notes and my vocal range has gotten huge. Hitting high notes isn’t an issue anymore. 13 years later, our band is still together doing shows, and I’m not losing my voice and coughing up blood anymore. I can’t speak highly enough of Robert’s training method. If you actually want to become a better singer, you’ve found the place to do it right here with Robert."


The Four Pillars of Singing

The most comprehensive vocal training method that GUARANTEES you will improve your most important asset every single day through leading-edge exercises and techniques.

I’ve spent the last 28 years in the trenches working with singers just like you.

  • Singers with a dream to sing in front of big crowds who, no matter how many Youtube videos they watch from self-proclaimed vocal experts, can’t break through and win auditions.
  • Singers who have a performance gig and are getting some traction, but who know that even though they’ve gotten pretty good, they would be having so much more success if they could sing strong, powerful notes in their head voice.
  • Singers who have had successful careers outside of music, wonder to themselves “is there anything more to life?”, and then relight the flame of a dream they once had long ago: to sing in a band.

The result of these decades of work is a comprehensive, science-based, TVS vocal training method that gives you a crystal clear path to singing the way you’ve always wanted to…the way you know you can sing.

Let’s take a quick tour to see what’s in the course…

Course Curriculum

The Proof: Listen To Student Performances

The Iron-clad Sing Better in 14-days
Money Back Guarantee

The promise is simple. Follow the program. Practice and train regularly for at least 30 minutes 3 to 6 days a week, following the clear, step-by-step TVS method.

If after 14 days you’re not noticing that you’re able to sing better than before you started the program, I’ll insist that you email my team at [email protected] and ask for a full refund.

Why am I so confident in doing this? Because I’ve been training people to sing using this system for the last 20 years. I know that if you commit and pour your heart into this, practicing 30 to 120 minutes for 3 to 6 days a week, anyone who hears you sing will hear and feel the results.

Still Undecided?

You’ll know you’re ready to raise your singing ability up by several levels if:

  1. You’re a beginner but you’ve always had a dream to be a professional singer who sings in a band or another type of performance gig, and you want to make sure that you absolutely NAIL IT right out of the gate by using only the most powerful, easy-to-follow, leading-edge training techniques.
  2. You’ve been to countless auditions and sometimes you feel like you did a really good job and the people you auditioned for seemed “cool” and it seemed like you were “in.” But then you received a familiar email you keep seeing over and over again. It’s always polite but goes like this: “Thanks for coming out, but we’re looking for something different.” You know that if you could just belt in the head voice and really improve your game, you’d finally get an invitation to join a group.
  3. You’ve been in a performance situation for a while and have gotten pretty good, but you haven’t been getting the amount of shows booked that you’d been hoping for, and the gigs you have been getting aren’t exactly at the quality level you know you guys are capable of getting.
  4. You’re a professional singer and your band is gaining momentum and popularity, but you know there are some things you want to improve about your technique and sound so you can reach higher levels of success, and you know that the only way that will happen is by jumping in to learn the most detailed, science-backed vocal training method available on the internet.
  5. You have no problem spending at least 30 to 120 minutes a day, 3 to 6 days a week going through the course videos, and training your voice as long as you know that every second of every moment you spend doing this will help you reach your goals as a professional singer.
  6. You’re already spending several hours a week training your voice doing things like working on your vowel pronunciation, breathing from your diaphragm, and trying to bridge your vocal break without cracking. The only problem is, you’ve been learning by jumping around from Youtube channel to Youtube channel created by other vocal coaches, and without a clear, structured, systematic approach, you’re not actually hearing any progress in your singing.
  7. You’re aware of all the profitable doors that will open as a result of you honing your singing craft to the point where you become an irreplaceable, sought after singer who’s able to create the kind of sounds that bands or performance groups need you to make in order to get a continuous stream of revenue from performances.
  8. You feel confident grabbing your login to the course knowing that you have a full 14 days to test it out: Either you fully commit and start training like a professional vocal athlete and hear the results in your singing in the next 14 days, or you shoot me and my team an email asking us to hit “undo” on this whole “let’s become a professional singer” experiment.

If you caught yourself nodding to at least 5 of the 8 points above, then I can’t wait to see you on the other side, inside the 4 Pillars of Singing program.

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