American Accent Training

The Problem:

Some salespeople and executives that are not native English speakers, struggle with being understood when they speak due to their native accents getting in the way of their English diction. This challenge leaves listeners feeling confused about what non-native English speakers are trying to say, it can also compromise effective and positive influence on others. Additionally, chronic vocal fatigue, caused by improper vocal resonance impacts the ability to amplify the voice and speak with endurance.

The Solution:

TVS Accent Training is a 3 to 10-hour training program that is predicated on the application of a proven method of teaching English phonetics in a real-world environment. As a salesperson, trainer or IT executive, your voice is an instrument that has to communicate your message to your clients in a way that will influence them to take action. In an instant, the ability to be understood can influence a client to judge your confidence and competence. At FIRE-UP, we want you to have a voice of authority that will support your new presentation skills.

TVS Accent Training will teach you the following;

  • Identify the three most important elements that make English sound correctly, enabling you to know exactly what to practice to realize a quick and immediate result.
  • Immediately pronounce 150 IT industry words clearly & correctly using the correct syllable stress
  • Speak with an engaging & friendly pace
  • Pronounce numbers clearly & correctly
  • Apply fundamental syllable stress and pronunciation rules to hundreds of related words
  • Learn vocal warm-up exercises that will build the strength and motor skills of your voice to ensure that your voice has amplified resonance.
  • Techniques that can be used to take advantage of the interpretative expression and drama found in any presentation copy, for the purpose of adding interest to your delivery.

Your TVS Your Voice Toolkit Includes:

  1. Private coaching sessions with Robert Lunte on of the world’s leading voice coaches.
  2. A recorded copy of every lesson so you can archive and preserve all your lessons.
  3. A copy of the 6 essential breathing workouts.
  4. All your required exercise and warm-up files for daily use.

The World’s Only Vocal Athletic Training for Public Speaking

The techniques we offer are the result of research in the field, day to day practice with singers, public speakers, and voice therapy clients over the last 20 years. It is founded on acclaimed and proven results. Go the extra mile and learn to speak better English so your presentations have the best opportunity to shine and inspire people to take action.

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About TVS

The TVS Method is the fastest growing method of voice training in the world today. Credibility equals an endorsement by thousands of singers, voice coaches and pro audio sponsors around the world.

When you want real tangible understanding and results for your vocal athletic skills, choose TVS. 

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