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Learn How to Sing With Confidence, Bridge The Vocal Break & Build The Head Voice

Build the strength and motor skills to sing chesty in the head voice.

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For over 20 years, The Vocalist Studio, founded by Robert Lunte, has trained over 100,000 people with singing courses in 192 countries and hosted 50+ masterclass tours worldwide.

Our TVS vocal courses are designed to teach singers specialized routines and techniques to build vocal musculature, bridge the vocal break, develop the head voice, and sing with one connected voice.

With our online singing lessons, you can achieve vocal freedom, increase your range, and express yourself with true artistry. Join us at TVS to learn how to sing with confidence. Experience the power of comprehensive, science-backed vocal training from a trusted industry leader.

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National Association of Teachers of Singing

National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences

The Voice Foundation for Medicine, Science & Education

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There are vocal training techniques and routines you need to know to learn how to sing. 

 Unlocking your vocal potential and achieving success as a singer requires the right training and approach. At The Vocalist Studio, we provide comprehensive and science-backed online vocal and singing courses to help you achieve your goals and learn how to sing the way you want.

If you're willing to put in the work, our vocal courses can provide you with the tools and knowledge to liberate your voice and reach new heights as a vocalist. Join us at TVS and start your journey to learn how to sing with confidence and towards achieving your vocal dreams today.

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Our online singing lessons generate drastic and noticeable improvements in your singing within 30 days.

Go from uncertainty to confidence in your vocal execution.

vocal warm ups

Gain the knowledge needed to build a refined and improved singing voice.

Understand how the voice works and how to sing beyond your imagination

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Sing Better in 14-days or Your Money Back

If you have trained the routines in the first 14 days, and after that, you are not noticing that you are getting much better than before you started the program, we will refund your money.

Our online vocal courses and training have over 7000+ 5 star reviews

Dramatically improve your singing and propel yourself to fulfill your dreams around singing and performing. Make the decision to transform your voice for the rest of your life with our online singing lessons.

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TVS Student Reviews

See what a few of our students have to say below.

John Galbraith

Singer & Songwriter

"The changes have been stunning to me, and stunning to a lot of my friends and family that I've shown it to as well. The TVS methodology really focuses on the technical aspects. I'm a scientist so I really appreciate that. But it's not just the nuts and bolts, but still understanding some of those nuts and bolts is really, really critical."

Priscila de Costa

Artist & Voice Coach

"When I first started singing four years ago, I had a lot of problems and my voice was breaking, it was hurting, I lost my voice after concerts and everything, and the voice coaches I went to couldn't really help me, unfortunately, so I started making some researches on the internet, and I finally found a video on YouTube with Robert Lunte of TVS explaining how to belt in your head voice, and it was really a game changer for me."

David Kershenbaum


Produced Duran Duran, Tracy Chapman, Joe Jackson, Laura Branigan, Bryan Adams, Supertramp, Cat Stevens, Elkie Brooks, and Tori Amos

"So these guys have got the goods. They've been telling me about their methods and the way that they're gonna be teaching, and I think it's something that I would urge anyone that's serious about singing to look into, cause I think it's gonna be a really, really cutting edge kind of system, and teaching the education for anyone that wants to sing from a Friday night in a bar to the stages of the world."

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Become a vocal athlete

Train your voice with the most comprehensive, science backed approaches to online singing lessons. Train with TVS today and learn how to sing! Click the link below to view our courses.

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A free vocal training course: The 8 Myths That Hold Most Singers Back (and how to break free of them.)

Over 8 days, I’ll send you an email and a collection of training videos each day. And by the end? You’ll be singing WAY better.

Your dream of becoming a great singer texted me and said you should sign up for this.

About TVS

The TVS Method is the fastest growing method of voice training in the world today. Credibility equals an endorsement by thousands of singers, voice coaches and pro audio sponsors around the world.

When you want real tangible understanding and results for your vocal athletic skills, choose TVS. 

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