Rock Singing Lessons

Build power, range, and confidence in your voice with a proven step-by-step method for learning rock vocal lessons with Master Vocal Coach, Draven Grey.

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Strengthen Your Sound With Rock Singing Lessons

Whether you want to build power in your voice, increase your vocal range, or master your unique sound, Rock Singing Complete will help you build a personalized plan to get you there.

Perfect Your Voice

Eliminate the frustration of choking or pushing on high notes, your voice breaking, having a limited range, and the ever disappointing journey of tips and tricks from online videos, teachers, or programs you hope will “fix” your voice. You don’t need to fix anything. You need a clear path to vocal mastery. That’s what you’re getting here with our rock voice training online.

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Not Just Another Vocal Program

I’ve been where you’re at. I used to struggle to sing rock songs with power and control, or worse, I yelled everything on pitch. At one point, I yelled so much that I completely lost my upper range for months. As a professional singer and voice coach, I was terrified I had ruined my voice forever. That’s when I found The Vocalist Studio, and it gave me a clear path towards my goals.

Now I can sing effortlessly, loud and strong, soft and subtle, with many different sound colors, across four octaves, for hours on end! I’ve also helped thousands of students do the same with rock singing lessons.

I'll show you, step-by-step, how to achieve vocal mastery for yourself. I don’t want you to just learn how to master your singing, but how to self-diagnose, maximize your training routines towards your goals, and not just know what to do, but why and how to do it.

Together, let's develop your voice so you can sing with confidence.

-Draven Grey | Master Rock Vocal Coach

“Awesome course! Learned a lot. My voice has increased in range, power, and overall good health. The lessons and techniques that Draven teaches here has added a quality to my singing that wasn't there in the 20+ years that I've worked as a professional singer.”

- Matt DeLeon  ★★★★★

What Students Like You Are Saying

Finally, a Vocal Program for Serious Rock Singers!

Define Your Goal

Know the sound you want to develop. Choose the voice you want to build towards. No need to wait to “find” it.

Dive Into Training

Enroll now and dive into training immediately with our rock vocal lessons. Learn what techniques will help you reach your goals the fastest.

Master Your Voice

Finally have the techniques and skills to reach your goals and even the confidence to go beyond them with our rock singing lessons.

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Confidence in Your Voice

Immediate Results

From the very beginning of the course, start singing more effortlessly, naturally, and without strain.

Increased Range

Stop pushing to hit the high notes and start singing, shaping, and relaxing into them instead.

Power and Coordination

Build coordination, strength, stamina, and power in your voice without the guesswork.

Deep Understanding

Know exactly which vocal exercises to do to get you the results you want for years to come.

Shape Your Sound

Learn how to shape your unique sound using vocal modes, vowel modifications, formant tuning, respiration exercises and more.

Confidence in Your Voice

Finally, have a clear path towards the confidence and mastery you’ve always wanted in your voice.

What You'll Learn

You’re going to learn solid rock voice training online so that you can build your unique sound step-by-step. This includes bridging your voice, anchoring your resonance, the fundamentals of great breath support, and the almost magical results of cry vocal mode. Not only that, you’ll also learn how to warm up properly for distortion and ways to more easily apply it to lyrics. Everything about this course is designed to make rock singing more effortless and give you incredible command and control over your voice.

“100% recommended. I've seen close to 20 paid singing courses that repeat the same things over and over again. But this course actually tells you the HOW and, most importantly, WHY you are doing it. Everything is expertly and clearly explained.”

- Marcos Santana  ★★★★★

Rock Singing Basics

  • Fach You - Range vs Voice Type
  • From Multiple Registers to One Voice
  • The Beginning - Onset
  • Vowels - Singing vs Speech
  • Why You Should Be Crying
  • Sing, Don't Push - Mass
  • Tracking & Draven's Crying Straws
  • Bridging & Connecting

The Onset Package

  • Pitch - The Most Important Thing
  • Embouchure - Eat The Apple
  • Acoustics - Sound Colors and Acoustic Modes
  • Larynx Position - Shaping Your Throat
  • Compression - Stop Squeezing, Start Singing
  • Breath Support - Sing, Don't Push
  • Visualization - Staying Aware

Shaping Your Sound Color

  • Physical Modes - Shaping the Vocal Tract
  • Vocal Modes - Combining Acoustic and Physical Modes
  • The Formant Triangle - Formant Tuning
  • Formant and Vocal Tract Tuning Across Multiple Bridges
  • Vowel Anchoring and Making Your Sound Consistent

Breath Support

  • Extrinsic Anchoring - Don't Stand Like That
  • What Breath Support Is
  • Appoggio: Leaning for Volume
  • How to Never Run Out of Air
  • Develop Proper Breathing
  • Maestro David P. Kyle's Breathing Exercises

Specialized Onsets

  • Track & Release
  • Pulse & Release
  • Wind & Release
  • Messa di Voce
  • Quack & Release
  • Dampen & Release
  • Attack & Release
  • Contract & Release
  • Acoustic Mode Onsets

Train Like An Athlete

  • Integrated Training Routines
  • TA Isolation
  • Tuning Fifths: Basic Foundation Building Routine
  • Adjusting Your Training Routine to Your Needs
Yes, I'm ready. Let's do this!

My Promise to You

Stop struggling with free tips, coaches who don’t know how to sing rock, and programs that don’t teach you how to reach your specific goals. These rock singing lessons are designed to give you a clear path towards vocal mastery. 

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  • Game-changing foundations that give you immediate results
  • Complete and proven vocal training methodology for our rock vocal lessons that takes the guesswork out of how to sing better
  • Over 60 lecture videos teaching you, step-by-step, how to become a more confident singer
  • 8+ hours of detailed instruction that teach you exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • Targeted vocal workouts to build power, increase range, and sing effortlessly
  • Audio training routines that you can stream and train along with on the go
  • Toolbox of knowledge and exercises to troubleshoot your voice, personalize your training routines, and shape your unique sound
  • Bonus career advice pulling from decades of Draven's experience as a professional performer, recording engineer, and music career coach

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee. No questions asked.

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The TVS Method is the fastest growing method of voice training in the world today. Credibility equals an endorsement by thousands of singers, voice coaches and pro audio sponsors around the world.

When you want real tangible understanding and results for your vocal athletic skills, choose TVS. 

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