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The Four Pillars of Singing is the world’s most comprehensive, online vocal training program that is proven to help singers overcome choking, squeezing, pushing, and instability problems.

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Most singers fail

Becoming a great singer is one of the hardest challenges that most people will ever face.

There is a lot of noise and misinformation in the vocal training marketplace from coaches and other singers. This can make the pursuit of finding real working answers to the singing problem very difficult.

The internet is riddled with bad actors

The voice training technique industry is unregulated. Most singers learn new approaches on YouTube, but they could be listening to or watching something that is wrong, misinformed, or even radically incorrect.

Most online voice instructors make the problem worse

Even though course instructors, coaches and other singers mean well, they aren’t giving quality science backed information. They aren’t giving the right content, workouts, exercises, and routines that singers have to have to build vocal athletic skills and generate real tangible results.

Singers are either heroes or zeros

What they don’t tell you when you have a dream of becoming a singer is being a singer is a lot like being a goalie on the hockey team. There is a lot of pressure. Bandmates are harsh and will drop you in a second.

The secret to becoming a great singer

Without vocal training, most singers try to sing with their speaking voice because they don’t know any better.

The physiology of the speaking voice is perfectly designed for speech -- not singing! It's not the right physical configuration for singing.

It's not right for complex melodic patterns. You need to change your vocal mechanism for that.

There are muscles in the vocal mechanism that have to be developed and built to be able to sing amazingly.

Anyone can learn to sing

To become a great singer you need to have the right content to train with. It's about hard work and practice.

Those who train succeed

It does not matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate; male or female. If you work hard, build your muscles, and follow the right training routines, you will become not just sorta better, or kinda better, but radically noticeably better to yourself, family, friends, audience and bandmates. Guaranteed.

Configure your larynx into a singing position called Vocal Cry Mode

This is the same physical configuration that babies use to scream super high and loud without hurting themselves. When we take this configuration called Vocal Cry Mode and apply it towards singing, it will blow down the doors and amaze you.

Customize your own vocal workouts with Integrated Training Routines

ITRs are a special TVS method for showing you how to build your own customized vocal training routines.

Learn about our deliberate practicing methods which is a way to get the most efficiency out of your practicing, in particular, when you're working on difficult parts in your songs.

Amplify frequencies, resonance and vowels

The voice is a wind instrument. To "play" it well, singers have to master the understanding and motor skills to find the best resonance to not only sound amazing but free the voice. The physiology of singing follows the acoustics.

Access time tested and proven singing techniques used for hundreds of years

The science that's in The Vocalist Studio programs are current and cutting edge.

TVS founder, Robert Lunte has taken the time tested solutions and the science, and brought it together, and turned it around in a way that is easier for the starter / average singer to grasp.

Make every note start correctly with onsets

The science that's in The Vocalist Studio programs are current and cutting edge.

Discover the phonetics of singing, and how certain consonants and vowels in your training can be used to isolate the musculature inside your voice to build specialized motor skills when you're working out, and, can be used to troubleshoot problems.

Gain new levels of artistry when you sing


Take your new found knowledge, skills, and strength, and apply them towards your singing.

Dramatically improve your singing and propel yourself to fulfill your dreams around singing and performing. Make the decision to transform your voice for the rest of your life.

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About TVS

The TVS Method is the fastest growing method of voice training in the world today. Credibility equals an endorsement by thousands of singers, voice coaches and pro audio sponsors around the world.

When you want real tangible understanding and results for your vocal athletic skills, choose TVS. 

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