Learn correct vocal distortion, rasp, grit, rattle, screaming, and growling - all without grinding or hurting your throat with our extreme and metal vocal lessons.

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Add Distortion to Your Voice with Extreme Singing Lessons

Whether you want to add a tinge of grit to your voice or scream brutally low, extreme singing lessons will give you a step-by-step plan to get you there.

Finally, You Can Use Grit & Scream Without Worry

Together, let’s eliminate the pain, worry, and fatigue associated with vocal distortion. Let’s get past the ever disappointing journey of tips and tricks from online videos, teachers, or programs that lead to often painful and frustrating experimentation with distortion. You need a clear path to building the vocal distortion you want; relaxed, effortless, and confident. That’s what you’re getting here with our extreme singing lessons.

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The Most Extensive Vocal Distortion Course Anywhere!

I’ve been where you’re at. For years, I struggled to use grit or scream. The instructions I could find only led to hurting myself over and over until I figured something out that kind of worked. Tips, tricks, courses, DVD’s, private coaching, and more had me doing a lot of exercises, but never truly taught the foundations, coordination, and practices I needed behind those exercises.

There are a lot of myths about vocal distortion singing. After a lot of sore throats, choking, pushing, and sometimes even blood, I set out to take everything I had learned and come up with a method to approach it safely. Since then, I’ve taught thousands of people how to shape and relax into distortion singing without pushing or grinding.

I'll show you, step-by-step, how to build into any style of distortion you want, from light rasp to death growls and everything in between. Whether you’re just starting out, or want to learn how to be more relaxed and effortless in what you’re already doing, I'll show you how to safely grow into the distortion you want, and confidently use distortion for years to come with these distortion singing lessons.

“This is the best screaming course anywhere - by a landslide! I love Melissa Cross, but [her] DVDs come nowhere CLOSE to this.”

- Jordan Crowe  ★★★★★

What Students Like You Are Saying

Stop Experimenting With Distortion. Start Learning How.

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Enroll now and start learning the foundations necessary to safely distort your voice.

Start Training Right Away

Find the distortion that works best for you and then start developing the style of distortion you truly want in your voice.

Grit and Scream With the Best of Them

Finally, use distortion, grit, and screams how you want to - effortlessly and without pain with our extreme and metal vocal lessons.

Yes, I want to master distortion. Sign me up now.

No More Guesswork

Confident Distortion

Overcome the misconceptions of vocal distortion and learn how to avoid vocal damage.

Effortless Grit & Screaming

Stop pushing and start shaping and relaxing into distortion - no more grinding or hurting your throat.

Deep Understanding

Understand the mechanics of vocal distortion. It's not genetics. It's science applied with the right practice habits.

Real Results

Know exactly which vocal exercises to do to get you the results you want for years to come.

Extensive Range of Styles

Implement different vocal distortion styles using vocal modes, vowel modifications, formant tuning, respiration exercises and more.

Shape Your Sound

Learn many different ways to approach distortion so you can create your own unique sound.

What You'll Learn

You’re going to learn the absolute most critical foundations of your voice to build distortion from. This includes bridging your voice, anchoring your resonance, the fundamentals of great breath support, and the almost magical results of cry vocal mode. Not only that, you’ll also learn how to warm up properly for distortion and ways to more easily apply it to lyrics. Everything about this extreme singing course is designed to make vocal distortion more effortless and give you incredible command and control over your voice.

“What a fantastic course. Very in-depth and addicting! Draven makes you feel at ease with each lesson and he believes that you can achieve what you’re looking for.”

- Dave Isemoto  ★★★★★


From high fry to brutal lows, you’ll learn multiple approaches to these styles of screams:
  • Black Metal/Whistle
  • Fry
  • High-Pitched Fry
  • Upper False Cord
  • Modern “Screamo”
  • Brutal
  • Low Growl
  • Deathcore
  • Death/Lower False Cord
  • Demon Speech
  • Inhaled Low Growl
  • Inhaled High “Pterodactyl”
  • Piquets Squeel


From a light rasp to heavy bark, you’ll learn multiple approaches to these styles of grit:
  • Motorboat
  • Bleeding Air
  • Upper Grunt
  • Hardcore Bark
  • Pulse
  • Head Voice Edging
  • Blues Growl
  • Natural Grit

All without pushing or straining your voice!

Yes, I Want Effortless Distortion!

My Promise To You

Stop struggling with coaches who don't know how to distort or scream properly, singers who don't know how to teach it, or programs that leave you lost at how to achieve the sound you want. This course is designed to give you a clear path towards mastering vocal distortion.

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  • Game-changing techniques that give you a critical foundation for distortion
  • Comprehensive approach that takes the guesswork out of vocal distortion
  • Over 70 lecture videos teaching you, step-by-step, how to master vocal distortion
  • 5+ hours of detailed instruction that teach you exactly what to do and how to do it.

  • Over 30 targeted vocal workouts to take you from the foundations into specific styles of distortion
  • Audio training routines that you can stream and train along with on the go
  • Toolbox of knowledge and exercises to develop your own unique sound and never worry again about damaging your voice

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee. No questions asked.


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