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AI Lyric Writing: Unlocking Lyrics with Artificial Intelligence

ai artificial intelligence blog Dec 21, 2023
AI Lyric Writing: Unlocking Lyrics with Artificial Intelligence

In many ways, technology is the primary influencer in how we produce, consume, and make music. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues gaining prominence, we’re on the brink of another profound shift.

One of our longtime goals here at TVS has been to equip our students with the skills needed to develop and stay ahead in the industry. We’ve partnered with AI experts like Neesh Courses to diligently observe AI's influence on the music industry and provide training and tools for people who want to use AI.


AI Lyric Writing: Unlocking Lyrics with Artificial Intelligence


Original Lyrics for "Hey Jude" - The Beatles


ChatGPT is a powerful tool to help create an outline and first drafts for lyrics. I want to preface this by saying that I do not believe that AI can or should be used to write an entire lyric because it still lacks some human touch. However, crushing writer's block and getting a viable first draft to kick-start ideas is brilliant.

So here is what you do:

  • First, we recommend you pick up a copy of this "How-To" course on AI. It will give you all the tools and tips to write lyrics with AI. Neesh Courses HERE >>>
  • To use AI effectively, write detailed prompts. They instruct AI on what to do. The more specific the prompt, the more accurate the results.

For example, you might give ChatGPT a prompt like this:

PROMPT: “Create heartfelt lyrics for a love song that captures the feeling of a long-distance relationship, where two lovers are separated by miles but still deeply connected emotionally.”

Here is what you might get:

Verse 1
In different cities we lay, under the same starry display,
Miles apart yet close at heart, our love's a timeless ballet.
Your voice, a soft melody, through the phone's symphony,
Bridging the gap, in this emotional map, you're still here with me.

In the whisper of the wind, I hear your laughter blend,
Though the miles set us apart, you're always in my heart.
In the glow of the moon, I feel you close, so soon,
Love knows no distance, no resistance, in our endless tune.

Verse 2
We share dreams under separate beams, of moonlit gleams,
In each text, a hug, in every call, a snug embrace it seems.
Though screens divide, our feelings coincide, a love so vast,
In every shared sunrise, in our digital goodbyes, love's tether holds fast.

In the rustle of the leaves, in the quiet evening eves,
Your presence is felt, in the heart where I've dwelt.
Under the same sky, we both sigh, and on love, we rely,
Separated by miles, but together in smiles, in love's deep tie.

Every sunrise, a promise, every sunset, a kiss sent afar,
In the distance between us, our love's a shining star.
We count down the days, in so many ways, till we're together,
Our love's a journey, through any weather, lasting forever.

Final Chorus
In the chorus of the night, in every star's light,
I feel you close, in the love we chose, shining so bright.
Though miles lay in between, our love's unseen seam,
Connects us beyond, in the bond we dream, in every moonbeam.


Here is another example:

PROMPT: "Write a progressive metal lyric about someone that has been kicked and beaten up by life, but one day he discovers a golden goblet of metal and after drinking from this magic goblet, he becomes stronger, more powerful in life, gets all the girls and can suddenly sing like a golden God".

This prompt gave me this:

Verse 1
Trapped in shadows, life's relentless fray,
Battered, bruised in life's cruel ballet.
Each scar, a story untold, each tear, a dream on hold,
In the abyss of despair, alone, and unbearably cold.

But in the darkness, a glimmer caught his weary eye,
A goblet of gold, under the moonlit sky.

He drank from the chalice of forgotten lore,
Felt a surge of power, like never before.
Transformed by metal's mystic pour,
In his veins, the strength of a lion's roar.

Verse 2
No longer a pawn in life's cruel game,
With newfound might, he's not the same.
The world now watches in awe and wonder,
As he breaks his chains, and life's spell asunder.

With every sip, the magic grew,
Into a legend, out of the blue.

From the golden goblet, his fate he rewrites,
Singing like a deity, reaching new heights.
A magnet for love, a beacon of light,
In the symphony of stars, he's the brightest night.

Adversity's chains shattered, destiny in his hand,
With the power of the goblet, he takes his stand.
A voice that echoes, in the halls of time,
A melody of triumph, in life's uphill climb.

Final Chorus
The golden god of a newfound era,
In his heart, no more terror.
Life's symphony now sings his song,
In the magic of metal, where he belongs.


Regardless of your approach, I strongly advise editing your lyrics after writing them. The sample lyrics provided have a repetitive rhyme scheme of "A, A, B, B." Changing the rhyming scheme and re-arranging the lines is recommended to make your lyrics stand out. This way, you can choose the lines that resonate with you and your song and write something personal. Although the sample provided is a good starting point, editing is essential for a better outcome.


Think of it as medicine for writer’s block!



The Future of Making Music with AI

 With all of this in mind, it’s important to note that the role of AI should not be to replace our natural human creativity. Instead, when intertwined with human emotions and intuition, it presents a unique way to craft exquisite and emotionally stirring music. 

Chat GPT-4 is immensely useful in helping us explore new songwriting avenues and foster fresh musical ideas, especially when we’ve hit a creative block.

As AI continues to grow and evolve and make its way into music composition, we’ll begin seeing substantial advancements in the intersection of art and technology.


Learning How to Make the Most of AI

 While AI might seem pretty straightforward to those who have used it and a complete mystery to those who have heard about it, it offers endless, transformative opportunities for those who know how to get under the hood.

This is why learning how to master AI and take advantage of it nuancedly is so essential. 

Suppose you’re an AI novice looking to enhance your productivity and stay ahead in the industry, whether as a creative or aspiring entrepreneur. In that case, I urge you to explore Neesh Courses’ AI Blueprint: The Integration Masterclass

It’s one of the most definitive guides for those who want to learn how to integrate AI into their personal and professional lives. 

Keeping up with change as a musician is necessary for today's dynamic music industry. 

You can carve out exciting new paths in your musical journey by embracing new technologies like AI. 

Check out AI Blueprint: The Integration Masterclass to get started. 


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