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Hitting High Notes - FOR BARITONES!

baritones expand your range head voice hitting high notes strengthen your voice Jan 25, 2018

Are you a baritone who has heard all your life that you will NEVER be able to sing tenor notes? Because that is NOT TRUE.

The simple fact of the matter is that hitting high notes, just like anything else, is a skill. It will take some work to expand your range, but it is within your grasp with the right training and diligence.

Making an effort to strengthen your voice will be well worth the time and energy…once you show those past nay-sayers how you can knock those tenor notes straight out of the park!

Most voice teachers approach voice parts from the perspective of the German Fach system, simplified for modern use. The Fach system is an extensive index of over two dozen different voice types. However, we most commonly see the below, simplified categorization in typical choral settings:

It’s great that we have this system in place for choral music and opera.

After all, ensembles like these need clear systems, where every single vocalist knows what their expectations are. The boundaries help the end goal to come together smoothly.

The Fach system takes the natural timbre of the vocalist’s voice into account. Tenors have a brighter, more forward sound, while baritones sit heavier in the mask, with a darker tone. The physiology of the singer is different — their physical instrument is different — so they produce a slightly different sound, even when singing the exact same note.

In an ensemble, proper blend and balance are key. In an opera, each voice part needs to bring specific aspects of the music to the listener’s ear in a certain way. These situations call for giving certain singers certain Fach assignments.

However, most of the students of The Vocalist Studio are contemporary singers, who don’t need to be pigeonholed into one part forever — or told that they can’t sing one note or another.

The students of The Vocalist Studio push the envelope and they grow stronger as singers and performers in the process.

With the proper training, a baritone can start using their head voice to start hitting high notes with a rich, dark sound. Robert Lunte addresses these concepts more in-depth throughout this video:

Still not convinced? Robert Lunte and Draven Grey discuss the subject in even more detail here:

So don’t let someone tell you that you can’t hit high notes. Michael didn’t. Check out his testimonial below:

Once you’ve watched the free lesson, discussion, and testimonial, take the next step. Commit to your training and get started on learning THE FOUR PILLARS OF SINGING with Robert Lunte — those nay-sayers will never know what hit ’em!

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