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Reduce Singing Strain With Semi-Occluded Exercises - Oovo Straw Review

oovo straw robert lunte semi occluded singing straw vocal exercises Dec 17, 2020
Robert Lunte Oovo Straw Review

Today we want to introduce you to a special vocal tool that can help you to maintain a healthy voice for many years to come. That tool is the Oovo Straw.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself,

How could a fancy straw that is more expensive than a regular plastic straw I could find at home be any more helpful?

Well, before we dive in, let's go over what we know about straw exercises or semi-occluded vocal tract (SOVT) exercises.


The Importance of SOVT Exercises 


 With SOVT exercises, you get a partial occlusion or narrowing of the vocal tract. With straw exercises, the narrowing begins at the front of your mouth. The narrowing reflects the pressure back at the vocal folds, helping you to produce sounds in a more efficient way by equalizing the pressure above and below the vocal folds.


Of course, to receive the true benefits of these particular exercises, you must do them correctly:



It isn't as simple as blowing air into a straw!

When performed correctly, however, straw exercises create optimal conditions for vocal fold vibration. They help your vocal folds to vibrate with less effort and less impact, assuming a far more balanced shape.

In essence, you get more vocal efficiency with less vocal effort.

There is a ton of available research supporting the undeniable benefits of these types of exercises for:

  • Vocal development
  • Voice rehabilitation
  • Voice longevity

This is where the Oovo Straw comes into play. 



The Oovo Straw in Action


Packaging & Design


For starters, the packaging that the Oovo Straw comes with is very impressive. It utilizes a completely sustainable and compostable bag and an elegant box that contains the Oovo Straw.




The Oovo straw comes in both sterling silver and gold, providing the look of fine jewelry and making it completely wearable wherever you go. Not only is the product sustainably sourced, but it is ingeniously designed as well.

Because it is a necklace, you will find yourself using it more often than not compared to a normal straw, which would likely be lying in a drawer or on a table somewhere.


Muted Sound


One major advantage of this type of straw phonation is that the sound is fairly muted. If you live in close proximity to other people or have limited practice space, practicing with the Oovo straw allows you to move through your entire range at low volumes so you can practice anywhere at any time.

Do you live in the city?

Use the Oovo straw on the subway! 

Do you need a quick warm-up backstage before your performance or audition?

Hit a quick and quiet scale with the Oovo Straw!




The design of the straw is incredibly light, allowing you to hold it in your mouth without worrying about jaw or muscle tension.

The length and diameter work very universally, perfect for singers young and old. Beginners won't find the level of resistance too difficult while experienced singers will still enjoy the uniquely pressurized resistance that it provides.


Oovo Straw Specs


When it comes to vocal training, consistency is key. Because you are working with the same straw day after day, you can achieve the exact same resistance any great vocal teacher would recommend during every practice session.

Here is what you can expect to get with the Oovo Straw:

  • 30" Chain for Hands-Free Use
  • Perfectly-Calibrated 3mm Resistance
  • Discrete, Lightweight, and Attractive Design
  • High-Quality Materials, Including Gold, Rose Gold, and Sterling Silver
  • Excellent Packaging
  • Comes with a Cruelty-Free Microsuede Case, Polishing Cloth, and Cleaning Brush


The Oovo Sing Ring


For those who are just entering the world of semi-occluded exercises, another great option is the Sing Ring from Oovo.

The Sing Ring is very similar to the Oovo Straw, though it comes with four levels of resistance. The beauty of this little device is that you can experiment with multiple levels of resistance before working your way up to the pro-level Oovo Straw. 


Oovo Sing Ring Specs


  • Handheld design
  • Made out of solid brass 
  • 2.5mm (.5mm smaller than the Oovo Straw)
  • Four resistance levels
  • Comes with carrying case


Bottom Line - Is The Oovo Straw Worth It?



If you are passionate about singing and very serious about your own vocal health, then the Oovo Straw is a wonderful vocal tool to have access to. The design is flawless, the materials are environmentally friendly, and the effectiveness is clear.

With the Oovo Straw, you'll be able to 

  • Improve your range
  • Smooth out your vocal breaks
  • Fix vocal strain
  • Breathe more efficiently
  • Develop a more powerful voice

It makes a wonderful gift for singers as well. We can't think of a more practical and elegant vocal tool that exists today. Make sure to check out the Oovo Straw from the company website HERE


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