The Four Pillars of Singing Hardcopy Book

the four pillars of singing hardcopy book Feb 11, 2016

The Vocalist Studio Hardcopy Book from Robert J. Lunte on Vimeo.

“I just received my book today. The personalized note and signature are really great.” Stephen

The Four Pillars of Singing book is the companion book to the full course. It is available as a Hardcopy and an eBook (PDF). The book is a 616+ page, companion book that will serve to help you understand the TVS Method, training, and concepts regarding singing technique.

The hardcopy book is hardbound and full color. In particular, it offers important training illustrations that illustrate the anatomy of the singing voice, important training tables, and singing vowels with the unique color associations that are offered in the TVS methodology. It is highly advised that you purchase a hardcopy to make your TVS training more effective.

  • Over 616+ Pages of essays, training workflow tables, vowel illustrations, anatomical illustrations, and over 150 pages of detailed training routines.
  • The hardcopy book is full of color.
  • Each hardcopy is personally signed by Robert Lunte before it is shipped.

Quickly turn to the workouts and enjoy the color illustrations regarding vowel modifications and resonance to get the full benefit of one of the innovations of The Four Pillars of Singing.


The eBook & Hardcopy


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