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Top 5 Famous Studio Microphones

condenser microphones dynamic microphones microphones top recommended microphones vocal microphones Aug 12, 2019

Have you ever stopped to think what kinds of microphones the world’s top artists are using to get those pristine vocal sounds?

Shure SM7B - Thriller, Michael Jackson

The Shure SM7B is a large-diaphragm dynamic microphone that was originally created as a radio broadcast microphone. Now it is one of the most most popular dynamic microphones for vocalists everywhere. It all started when Quincy Jones and Bruce Swedien decided to use it for all of Michael’s vocals throughout the album.

It provides a warmer and rounder sound than condenser microphones, perfect for those with high or nasal voices. Plus, this microphone has a handheld feel, making it great for capturing live performances too!

Manufacturer Website:

Shure Sm58 – Live Performance, Sheryl Crow

The Shure SM58 is a dynamic microphone that is made entirely for vocals. It is easily one of the most popular microphones for performing live, as well as for artists who are looking to get that live feel when in the studio. This "bomb proof" microphone is used by famous vocalists all over the world, including Patti Smith, Sheryl Crow, Henry Rollins, Brandon Flowers, and much, much more.

It is great for artists who want a grittier sound or artists who want something with better grip in the studio!

Manufacturer Website:

AKG C24 – 4, Beyonce

The AKG C24 is a popular stereo condenser microphone that comes complete with two capsules. Thanks to the stereo capture, it is perfect for expressive musicians who like to move around a lot when they sing. While this microphone has been out of production for a while, it can still be found around the Internet on secondhand websites. We also recommend checking out the AKG C414, as it has many similar properties that give you crisp and clear control over your vocals.

Manufacturer Website:

Neumann U67 – Nevermind, Kurt Cobain

While Kurt Cobain isn’t known for his refined vocal technique, he did happen to use one of the best and most responsive microphones in the world on his album, Nevermind. Neumann is easily one of the biggest names in the world of microphones. Cobain told engineer Butch Vig that he wanted to be able to track with a vintage mic, as his album was destined to be a classic. He couldn’t have been more right.

First used in the 1960s, the original microphone is currently out of production, though can still be found around the Internet for an average price of $16,000. We recommend checking out Neumann’s website though, as they have just recently reintroduced the Neumann U67 in tube version!

Manufacturer Website:

AKG C414B – Nothing Compares 2 U, Sinead O Connor

The AKG 414 series has been around since the early 1970s and has been one of the top choices for vocal and instrument recording ever since. It has a clear, natural sound, perfect for capturing exactly what you hear in the room without adding anything unnecessary. Chris Birkett, producer for Sinead O Connor’s popular song, “Nothing Compares 2 U”, using the microphone because of its high dynamic range.

There you have it, the top 5 famous studio microphones!

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If you currently use any of these microphones for your own vocals, let us know what you think in the comments!

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