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ADK Z-67 Microphone Review

adk z-67 microphone home recording microphones recording review top recommended microphones tube microphones vintage microphones Oct 01, 2019

We all love the sound of vintage microphones, though we also know how rare and inexpensive they are, making them nearly unattainable for your average producer or recordist. What is so great about ADK is that they help to provide us with that flavorful, vintage sound, all without forcing you to remortgage your home.

With rock-solid reliability and legendary versatility, it is the perfect choice for any source that needs high-quality recording standards. Let’s dig in and find out a bit more about this wonderful microphone in our ADK Z-67 Microphone Review.


  • Microphone Type: Tube Microphone
  • Directional Pattern: Cardioid/Figure 8/Omni
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: -37dB

The Review

The ADK Z-67 may just be one of the most versatile microphones in our extensive collection. It works well with just about any source that it is directed towards. This microphone was based on the Neumann M-269, which has now become one of the rarest Neumann’s on the market today. It was originally used as an alternative to the U67, a famous studio microphone, though was used for German broadcasting.

No matter what type of singer you are or what type of source material you are using, it provides a wonderful range that will capture sound with integrity. A Swedish Lundahl transformer sits on the inside, which creates a slight mid-range bump to help bring vocals a bit forward. This is excellent for modern mixes that require the vocals to sit right up in your face.

What is great about the ADK Z-67 compared to the true, vintage version, is that they gave it an extra low-noise valve to help reduce unwanted noise, a characteristic of older microphones that is not so conducive to modern recordings.

The ADK Z-67 comes with everything you need to get started, including two 16′ USA Made Accusound Silver-Pro XLR cables for the tube and microphone, a switchable 115/230v power supply, a pop filter with a gooseneck and clamp, a heavy-duty ring-shock combination suspension mount, and a gorgeous hardwood velvet lined case to keep your microphone stored away safely while it’s not in use.

Pros and Cons


  • Emulates the classic, vintage sound in a remarkable way
  • Manufactured with high-end components
  • Impressive range
  • Comes with all of the accessories you need to get started


  • Can still be costly for many

Should You Buy It?

As a high-quality tube/valve microphone that utilizes modern design principles to emulate the classic sound character of vintage Neumann microphones, it is a piece of gear among many. With that said, it does a better job at providing that sweet vintage sound in a modern setting more than any other microphone we know. If you’re looking for modern convenience and practicality with a vintage sound, there isn’t a better microphone we can think of.

Make sure to check out the ADK Z-67, as well as a long list of Robert Lunte’s favorite gear on his Amazon Store!

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If you currently use the ADK Z-67 Microphone, let us know what you think in the comments!

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