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Can Anyone Learn to Sing? MYTH BUSTED!

embouchure how to belt learn to sing vocal training Feb 01, 2018

What do Alan Rickman, Vincent Van Gogh, and Lucille Ball have in common?

They didn’t hit their artistic stride until later in life.

Alan Rickman was 41 before he made his film debut. Van Gogh started teaching himself how to draw after moving back in with his parents at 27. And Lucille Ball was relatively unknown during her 30s, a struggling actress trying to get by before she launched I Love Lucy and turned herself into a legend in her 40s.

People often mistake exceptional talent in the arts for something that is innate — something that people are either born with or not. The reality is that the ability to create art — in any form — is something that is developed over time, with hard work. Great artists grow, and they never stop growing. That’s what makes them great.

Are some people naturally born more talented than others? Sure. Talent is a funny thing, though. Artistic ability can lie dormant for years before blooming forth. Watch Robert Lunte deliver a few encouraging words to people looking to start singing at any level, in any style, at any age or level of experience.

Most people CAN learn to sing.

There is an individual element of natural ability in all of us, and that’s worth considering, but it’s not the whole picture by a long shot. The average person can dedicate themselves to serious vocal training using a comprehensive, proven program. That person, more often than not, is going to learn to sing just as well as — if not better than — someone who didn’t have to work at it and was born with so-called “natural talent.”

Singing is an athletic endeavor. It is physical. It is not magical. When a vocalist starts to learn how to belt, they are not performing a trick of some kind. They are using basic skills to make the amazing happen. Motor skills, muscle strength, coordination — these things can all be built up over time with the proper vocal training.

If you look closely at a painting by Vincent Van Gogh, what do you see?

A thousand strokes, a thousand gestures, all straightforward. Close up? Simple. It is only when you step back and you take in the whole picture that you can see the art there.

Vocal training is similar. As you work on your building blocks, shaping your embouchure, committing to constant breath support, practicing how to sing in pitch — it might seem like repetitive drudgery, but eventually, the art is going to blossom.

The people who have genuine dedication to their passion are the ones who will go far — no matter their chosen field.

Are you ready to commit to singing? Are you prepared to learn how to belt high notes and study the perfect embouchure for every song that you’ve wanted to sing along with, but haven’t known how?

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