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Can I Learn How To Sing Online?

become a better singer good singer improve singing online course singing lessons singing online vocal lessons Feb 01, 2021

Almost everyone is a singer.

Whether you sing in your car, in the shower, or around the house while tidying up, you're singing. Now, whether you believe you are a great singer or not, you may have wondered to yourself at one point:

Is it possible to improve my singing voice?

Many people don't know the first thing about vocal coaching, let alone whether it's worth it or not. 

We're here to tell you: learning from a vocal coach is worth it.

Today we want to talk about the top 5 reasons why learning to sing online can greatly improve your voice so that you can begin singing in front of others. However, before we get into that, let's talk about the myth of the "naturally good singer."


Debunking the "Naturally Good Singer" Myth


In many ways, we end up being our own worst enemies. 

How come you have limited yourself to singing in the shower or car?

It might be because you lack the necessary confidence to sing in front of others or hear your voice on a recording. 

There is a nasty stigmatism that comes along with singing, which is that only a few lucky ones are born with the ability to do it well. We're here to tell you that is 100% false.

The truth is that ANYONE can learn to sing well. The proof is in the pudding here at TVS. 

It's all about attitude and training.

Your voice is similar to just about any other musical instrument out there in that you can improve it through practice and proper coaching. When you take online lessons or utilize online singing courses from professional vocal teachers, you're giving your self tried and true methods and techniques to sing better.

Plus, you'd be much better off learning from someone with years of experience who has been through the ups and downs than trying to figure things out on your own.

Still have some doubt?

Here are the top 5 ways learning to sing online can make you a better singer.


Singing In Tune


Singers must tune their voices to frequencies. More commonly, we refer to these frequencies as 'pitch'. What's fairly obvious to most singers, even those who are just starting out, is that it is crucial to be able to sing on pitch.

Unfortunately, a fair number of our brand new singers who come to us at TVS have issues staying in tune. 



The term 'tone-deaf' has become an excessive part of the singing community's vocabulary to describe those who can't sing well. However, just because you have trouble getting your voice to reach the correct pitch or distinguishing notes from one another does not mean hope is lost.

One of the basic foundations of singing is improving pitch and tone.

Proper vocal lessons will help you find various notes and hold onto them. You'll also learn how to target the right notes while singing. 


Learning How to Breathe



One problem that many new singers face is learning to use their breath correctly. Every sound that you get from singing must come from your lungs. However, new singers often find themselves out of breath while singing, gasping for air during longer passages, or struggling to keep their stamina up when performing live.

At TVS, we talk about the importance of breath control. With proper breath control comes power and agility.



New singers often breathe 'high', which activates the chest, shoulder, and neck muscles. Doing so creates unnecessary physical tension that obstructs a singer's ability to remain physically relaxed.

An excellent vocal coach will teach you the importance of breathing into the diaphragm, as it gives you the energy and power you need to perform. A great online vocal course will provide you with the necessary breathing exercises that you can implement into your daily routine. 

Continue working on your breath control, and you may eventually be able to hit a 14-second note like Beyonce!  


Expanding the Limits of Your Vocal Range


We all have comfortable singing ranges. When you take singing lessons, you begin to figure out what that range looks like. You also figure out what songs your voice works best with. 



Of course, your vocal range isn't set in stone.

Most singers come to us with a very limited singing range. However, this is not because of their physical limitations but rather how they are approaching high notes.

Here at TVS, we talk about the importance of visualizing your high notes as deep notes. 

Singer often say

I can't seem to HIT this high note, what am I doing wrong?!

You might hit and punching bag or hit a nail with a hammer, though you never hit high notes. Students learn about how crucial this type of mental programming is when expanding their ranges. By removing the struggle and implementing tried and true techniques, you can watch your range grow day by day. 

Many times, all a student needs is a single day of serious training to see progress! 

After a few months of proper training through online lessons, you can learn how to sing high notes and expand your singing range.


Maintaining A Healthy Voice



Singing is a ton of fun. However, all singers need to take caution with their voices so that they do not damage them. 

Learning how to maintain a healthy voice is a key component of great online lessons. 

All singers all familiar with the terrible noise that exits our bodies when we lose our voices in the middle of a song. We lose our voices due to something called vocal nodules.

Vocal nodules are small callouses or thick growths that grow on your vocal cords when strained or overused. Professional singing instructors understand the mechanics of the voice and can help singers to avoid vocal nodules, squash vocal fatigue, and maintain a healthy voice. 

At TVS, we talk about the importance of warming up before singing and never "pushing" or forcing your body to do something if you feel serious resistance.



We also discuss the importance of fine-tuning and balancing the various components of your voice, including respiration, twang, compression, embouchure, and more, to keep you sounding good and FEELING good. 


Improve Your Confidence



It's time to move past the shower performances. 

Online voice lessons provide singers with all of the necessary tools to build confidence.

Imagine yourself standing on stage with a packed house and belting out your favorite tune. Right now, it might seem like your worst nightmare.

Following a quality vocal training program can rid you of that fear.

Having the right tools to get started is the catalyst for building confidence, which can apply to the rest of your life beyond singing. From speaking in front of others at work or in class to standing tall while carrying yourself throughout life, proper vocal techniques are invaluable.


Improving Your Voice With A High-Quality Online Vocal Course



We hope that you have a better understanding of just how beneficial learning to sing online can be. Of course, not all courses are made equal.

How is it possible to know that you're receiving the right tools to improve your voice without damage down the line?

With all of the false information online, you have to look at the facts.

Here at TVS, we've backed our techniques with science to show singers we mean business. 

One beautiful thing about taking online lessons through TVS is that you can adapt the lessons to your abilities and schedule. There are no excuses for being "too busy"!


Ready to take your next step to become a better singer?


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