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masterwriter review robert lunte songwriting software tvs writing lyrics Jan 18, 2021

Lyrics for "Souls of Silence" can be found here.


Masterwriter helped me to write the lyrics in the song above, "The Souls of Silence". 

There is no doubt that technology has had a significant impact on music and the music industry. When you think about how music is written nowadays, the manifestation of songs with pen and paper is far more scarce than it used to be.

Even with that said, many songwriting elements haven't changed... until now. 

We give you MasterWriter, the future of songwriting. 


What is MasterWriter?


“MasterWriter has become my central hub for songwriting. It provides a variety of convenient tools and, more importantly, the organization my brain needs to focus on creating.” – Trent Reznor, Grammy, and Oscar-winning songwriter and artist.



Many songwriters like to think of MasterWriter as somewhat of a co-writer. It is a piece of software aimed at writers of all kinds, from songwriters to screenwriters to authors. This tool works on a wide array of devices and operating systems.

At face value, it takes the form of a crafting workspace, providing writers with an integrated dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus, and a few additional tools, to help them craft the best version of a sentence or story. 

In essence, it is a piece of software that helps free the mind, taking care of the more mundane parts of songwriting while you get the freedom you need to create. It works by exploiting every possibility in the English language no matter what kind of writing you are looking to do.

Unlike some pieces of software that solely focus on providing plots or storylines, MasterWriter focuses entirely on giving you the best wording. 


The MasterWriter Experience


Many songwriters spend years writing songs with pen and paper. Newer songwriters might gravitate towards note applications or Word documents for songwriting. However, jumping to a program like MasterWriter can seem scary to some. When you realize how much the program offers, that fear quickly turns into awe.

We were impressed by the boatloads of work this software can do. Even so, the interface remains very simple. Navigating the software is incredibly easy, even for the less computer-savvy. It focuses on songwriting rather than throwing a busy and distracting interface at you. 

Typing one word into the search bar and getting rhyming words, synonyms, or phrases with a simple click is easy. You can use the handy tools within the software to filter out specific words you want. Where MasterWriter truly excels is by allowing users to search for rhymes by syllable. 


Top MasterWriter Features



Voice Recorder


While MasterWriter is mainly a writing application, you can also create and save voice recordings. A small "List" section in the software's toolbar allows you to store your projects, scroll through several songs you have worked on, and see them all in one space.


Word Options for Word Families



MasterWriter offers a combination of a reference dictionary and thesaurus. One of the best features of this software is that it provides you with different uses of a particular word whenever you type it into the search bar. Using the "Extended" filter, you can get a few more options. 

Beyond that, searching for a word will give you various associated phrases, rhymes, and synonyms. You can weigh your choices before selecting the right word for your song.

Plenty of filters exist for distinct word types, including nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. Speech types go even further into detail, providing you with unique figures of speech, such as metaphors, idioms, similes, allusions, idioms, and more.


Word Variety


The beauty of MasterWriter is the sheer variety that they provide users with. There are tons of sources that the software pulls from. You have over 100,000 rhymes, 36,000 rhyme phrases, and 33,000 phrases, sayings, and word combinations. Beyond what you would expect to find, the software also has 12,000 unique sayings and icons in its Pop Culture section.




You might have multiple ideas at once when you're working on a song. This unique feature allows you to work on alternative ideas while preserving your main body of text. With the Split Screen, you can view everything on one screen and make comparisons. 


Customer Support


While technology has given us the ability to get creative in ways we may have never imagined, it can also be a huge burden when it doesn't work in our favor. This is where having a good customer support team comes in handy. 

MasterWriter customer support options are incredibly helpful. There are plenty of FAQs and tutorials for users to flip through. Plus, there are phone and email lines for more profound questions that you may not be able to find all the answers to. 

We've written to them before and received feedback almost instantly. For a software company, this is pretty rare. 


Writing With MasterWriter 



"Behind Diverted Eyes" is a song by Robert Lunte using the MasterWriter software.

For an in-depth, lyrical analysis of the song and to get a more practical idea of what MasterWriter software can achieve, make sure to check out the lyrics HERE.


Pros and Cons



  • MasterWriter is web-based and is built for any operating system. You can also use the software on your mobile device as well. No matter where you are, you'll always be able to write when creativity strikes.


  • With an intuitive interface, MasterWriter software is also excellent for beginners and non-tech-savvy writers. Plus, the clean interface gets rid of any distractions one might face while trying to write.


  • As an all-in-one application, MasterWriter provides all of the tools a writer might need in one space, eliminating the need for other applications.


  • The BEST cure for writer's block I have ever seen or used.


Bottom Line



MasterWriter is a popular software among some of the industry's most prominent songwriters, including Rob Thomas, Gwen Stefani, David Foster, and Trent Reznor. It is one of the most comprehensive songwriting tools today, made to help writers express themselves more creatively and imaginatively. It is also compatible with almost every device, so you can write whenever, wherever. 

With all the writing tools you could ever hope to have in one piece of software, MasterWriter is, without a doubt, one of our favorite tools we've used here at TVS. If you're ready to unleash your songwriting, check out the MasterWriter software HERE.


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