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sE Magneto Condenser Mic Review

home recording se magneto condenser mic review studio Sep 10, 2019

Could this be one of the best budget condenser microphones around?

sE Electronics has designed their Magneto microphone to provide users with high-quality studio recordings at a low price. It has a standard cardioid polar pattern that works to get rid of unwanted reflections from the back and sides of the microphone, perfect for if you are recording your vocals in a room that is untreated. It can handle pretty high SPLs too, up to 140dB, acting a lot like a dynamic microphone in that sense. The Magneto comes standard with a sleek, black finish, though modern color lovers might fall for the rose/pink version!

The Good

Overall, the tone that the microphone produces works really well with vocals among other acoustic instruments. It utilizes phantom power that runs from a standard home studio interface, as it doesn’t need a full 48v supply. There is tightly woven mesh within the capsule that helps to get rid of nasty plosives, making it great for those who don’t have a pop filter either. The best part is, it comes complete with a little swivel mic clip that you can use to secure it onto any stand you have, meaning you won’t have to buy anything extra to get going.

The Bad

Unfortunately, this does not come with a high-pass filter like many condenser microphones do, meaning you’ll need to remove all of that low end rumble in post. It also does not come with a soft case for storage, so you’ll have to find a safe spot to stow it away when it isn’t in use.

Final Verdict

The Magneto sounds great considering the fact that you can buy it for dirt cheap. Keep in mind that you will need to buy an interface or preamp if you want to record with it. We highly recommend looking at entry-level USB interfaces, as there is no reason to get something expensive to pair with a budget microphone. Overall, this low-cost microphone is meant to last and sounds great for demos and home recordings. Though it may never compete with the likes of professional vocal microphones from companies like Neumann or AKG, it is still versatile and has the ability to capture sound with ease.

Click here to purchase the sE Maneto.

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