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seattle singing lessons studio vocals Sep 13, 2016


Singing Lessons in Seattle

2222 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
(Between Bell & Blanchard Streets)

Continuing The Tradition of Great Voice Training from Seattle, WA USA.

The Vocalist Studio, is a training studio for singers in Seattle, Washington and is considered to be the primary, world-class training studio for singers in the Seattle region. Robert Lunte trained for 12 years with the late, Maestro David Kyle, who was a famous voice coach that worked in Seattle, Washington for over 30 years. Responsible for training famous singers such as Geoff Tate, Ann Wilson, Layne Staley, Ronnie Monroe, Chris Cornell, Tim Noah, Liza Minnelli and many other great singers.

Mr. Lunte is considered to be the official voice coach that has continued Maestro Kyle’s legacy. However, Mr. Lunte has emerged on the world scene as an innovator in his own right with the development of some of the leading voice training techniques used today by modern students of singing. Mr. Lunte is also the author of the popular vocal training system titled, "The Four Pillars of Singing”, which has sold in over 120 countries around the world. The TVS Method is also practiced by voice teachers around the world through the TVS Certified Instructor program that teaches other voice coaches the TVS training methodology.

In partnership with TVS sponsors, RODE Microphones, NuVoice Audio, TC-Helicon and Extreme Isolation Headphones, Mr. Lunte regularly offers singers in Europe a very popular Master Class event known as the “Training Vocal Athletes” Master Class. Mr. Lunte is also the founder of the world’s leading online resource for singing, The Modern Vocalist

Seattle students of singing are fortunate to have The Vocalist Studio available in their own city to take their singing lessons to the next level of excellence. Contact Robert Lunte today to discuss the training program that will meet your specific needs as a singer.


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About TVS

The TVS Method is the fastest growing method of voice training in the world today. Credibility equals an endorsement by thousands of singers, voice coaches and pro audio sponsors around the world.

When you want real tangible understanding and results for your vocal athletic skills, choose TVS. 

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