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Learn To Sing - The Vocalist Studio Training Method Explained

the tvs training method explained vocal techniques to a better voice Mar 16, 2016



TVS Methodology focuses hard and fast on teaching students the skills they need and want the most; learning to seamlessly bridge the vocal break and sing high notes with a convincing, full tone. TVS is recognized as the world leader in developing techniques and training routines to develop these two critical skills.


In voice technique language, “onset” means the beginning. TVS has developed essential, specialized onsets, or ways of beginning your singing, that are used to isolate key muscles for strength building and coordination. These same specialized onsets are also used by TVS students to troubleshoot vocal problems. The TVS Specialized Onsets are a cornerstone of TVS Methodology.


TVS is one of a very few Methodologies that has embraced the practice of modal pedagogy, or the practice of categorizing vocal sounds into unique physical and acoustic “modes” for the purpose of creating more understanding of the physiology configurations and acoustics of the singing voice and how to teach singing technique. Physical modes are categories of physical configurations that the voice is inclined to configure. Understanding the TVS physical vocal modes opens a new understanding of the physiology and mechanics of how the voice works for singing. The TVS Acoustic modes are specific groupings of vowels that are characterized by similarities in their resonant positioning in the vocal tract and how they optimize the formant for singing. These vowel groupings also produce specific sound colors which become a critical consideration for the vocal artist for expression and creative interpretation.


Associating visual color with singing vowels & formants

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. One of the key innovations of the TVS Method is the association of visual color with singing vowels or singing formants. By associating formants or singing vowels with designated colors, singers can actually “see” the ever-important acoustics of singing in an entirely new way. This innovation enhances the auditory imagery for students and makes it easier to visualize how to better tune the formant and modify singing vowels. “The Sound Color Method” is pending a patent with the US patent office and enjoys a trademark.


TVS Methodology groups physical and acoustic components that make up a high-performance singing voice. Anecdotal and metaphoric voice teaching ideas have no place in the TVS Phonation Package, the sum total of all the technical components that need to be understood and trained to achieve a high-performance singing voice. When you know the top technical details that are needed to sing great, the act of vocal training no longer remains a mystery and the details of what you are supposed to be listening for and working on are clear. The mission becomes clear and to the point.

A “workflow” is the sequential step to any process. TVS Training Workflows are training and practice routines that sort the technical components of a “high-performance phonation” into sequential steps to maximize efficiency in training. The process of training vocal technique is radically improved and progress accelerated when training routines are clarified with training workflows. (step 1, step 2, step 2, etc).


TVS is the only vocal training Method to take the practice of vowel modification to a whole new level by introducing vowel modification formulas to accompany the training routines found in “The Four Pillars of Singing”. The TVS Method teaches how to use vowel modification for the purpose of training smooth register bridging and resistance training to build strength and coordination for singing. Vowel modification formulas are used to help vowels work in training. The TVS Vowel modification formulas are also used for resistance training to build more muscle strength, dexterity, and coordination through the vocal passaggio, an approach to vowel modification not found in any other program. Lastly, TVS teachers and students learn how to apply their knowledge of vowel modification to singing, resulting in an incredible release of construction and understanding of one of the most important secrets to great singing.


Identifying mass in each phonation gives singers a way of balancing their singing and prevents the body from pushing and constricting. Learning to perceive your singing in the context of “mass”, empowers the singer and gives command and control back to the body, instead of the body commanding and controlling you.


From the beginning, TVS has always championed the benefits found in training contemporary students with amplification. Apart from learning how to use the microphone and the tools of the trade, training with amplification increases the ability to hear the harmonic colors in singing and helps make vocal training fun, energetic and exciting.


  • Seamless Bridging of the chest & head voice for incredible range and freedom from the strain. NEVER AGAIN, have any problems with pushing, squeezing, or limited vocal range!
  • Replace Falsetto (windy) vocal sounds in the head voice with a full and convincing sound.
  • Learn how to produce vocal distortion (rasp) without damaging your voice while sounding incredible.
  • Learn how to command and control the acoustics of your singing; vowel modification, resonance, formants, and sound colors to gain an advantage by really understanding how the acoustics of singing works.
  • Learn vocal modes; physical and acoustic vocal modes that remove the mystery of how the singing voice works and empowers the singer to have more command and control over their singing as an artist.
  • Accelerated and clear training guidance from the TVS Training WorkFlows. The TVS training workflows offer step-by-step training routines that make training efficient and easier to understand.
  • Learn the importance of onsets in training and singing. The way any singing or training note begins will greatly influence the result of everything that follows until the singer takes another breath. No other vocal training method offers a full understanding of how vocal onsets can rapidly accelerate your physical strength and coordination for singing. TVS offers the most comprehensive understanding of vocal onsets and what they can do for singers.

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