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Why a Soundbar is an Excellent Option for Singing Practice

music gear music setup singing gear singing setup soundbar tvs Jan 29, 2021

As technology has advanced, so have our abilities to practice music in the comfort of our own homes. When it comes to practicing singing without your own studio to go to, there are plenty of options available.

Just a few years ago, enjoying music or practicing singing required you to set up bulky and expensive speakers with transistors, cluttered wires, and receivers. Now, we view these setups as quite primitive. 

Today, these inconvenient means of listening to music or practicing singing have been replaced by rather easy-to-handle soundbars. While soundbars have become essential pieces of gear for music setups, they are also excellent tools for singing practice.


Wireless device:


Conventional speakers and PAs require wires, which makes setting them outside a cumbersome task. However, soundbars do not pose such a problem, as they are wireless and have a Bluetooth/WIFI system for connection. Now you have to tap on the screen of your device, and boom!

Your favorite song can be played in no time. 

When it comes to performing karaoke or throwing on your backing track to practice along with, you can easily hook up a mixer to your soundbar to control the mix between your vocals and your backing track. 


Simple Setup



Setting up wires and adjusting the receiver with a speaker can feel like quite a cumbersome task. People often have to seek out the help of professionals to set up their speakers. However, soundbars do not pose such a problem, as they are wireless and have a Bluetooth/WIFI system for connection. 

If you use a wireless microphone setup, you can wirelessly route your mixer and microphones to your soundbar to perform wire-free. With an incredible frequency response, you'll get the freedom of performing without restrictions alongside professional, live-quality sound. 


Soundbars Occupy Less Space


There are two types of soundbars:


  • Those that have in-built subwoofers.
  • Those that come with external subwoofers.


You can fit them seamlessly in your desk or mount them on the wall. They are very thin and light devices, perfect for those who have studio settings with limited space in them. 

Most PA systems can be quite bulky. Soundbars act as an excellent alternative for those with smaller home studio spaces. 


Soundbars Have Higher Sound Quality


Soundbars have far higher sound quality than they ever have before.

There are plenty of good models like the Bose Solo 5, Sonos Playbar, Sonos Arc, and Sony soundbars, which are perfect for those on a tight budget. Plus, they provide a deep bass response, which is a similar feeling to performing on stage. 


Soundbars Are Luxurious 


Elegance and beauty are also important points to be taken into account when looking for something new music equipment.

After all, you want your setup to inspire you, right?

Soundbars provide a luxurious aesthetic to any music setup. Unlike the coarse designs of the classical speakers or PA systems, soundbars, which are a culmination of modern technology, have a much better appearance and can add to the beauty of your music set up.


Final Word


Soundbars are very technology-friendly devices. Now, you can control all of your features by simply pressing one button on the remote. Many soundbars have voice control features too, perfect for keeping your practice or performance flowing. You can change your playlist or track from any corner of the home without any worry.

Once you're ready for your karaoke party, you can even organize music parties with these smart devices!


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