Should I Practice Singing with Amplification?

May 02, 2017

To amplify or not to Amplify…

First, it is important to clarify that It is perfectly ok to keep training contemporary singing without amplification as singers and teachers have been doing it for hundreds of years. In fact, sometimes it might be a good idea to put the mic down and listen to your voice in an organic way.

This organic option is always available though, so let’s talk about the less conventional option of using amplification in practice routines. Should you practice with amplification or without? An argument for practicing singing with amplification is that it allows you to hear certain harmonics, sound colors, and vowel formations that would be hard to hear otherwise. Another reason, and perhaps the most powerful one, is that as contemporary singers; we are performing with amplification most of the time. For this, it is important that you train with amplification so that you get accustomed to using the “tools of the trade”, so to speak. Things...

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