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Singing Narrowed Vowels - Head Voice Technique!! TVS

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This is a technique that is used to help train singing through narrowed vowels and improving the articulation of your lyrics when singing high. This technique is also great for resonating to forward positions and amplifying the “cup” of the hard palette.

A snile is a cross between a sneer and a smile. It is used in singing to help narrow singing vowels to maintain stability and intrinsic musculature support when singing with amplification. This technique is particularly useful when singing contemporary music above the passaggio.

Mastery of The SNILE will greatly train your kinesthetic feel for narrowing vowels, resonating forward into an “edgier” position, and amplifying while keeping acoustic mass low and balanced.

“THE SNILE” is Characterized By:

  • A lifting of the upper lip to expose the forward teeth of the embouchure.
  • A “narrowing” of the embouchure, to prevent “splatting”.
  • A very strong, amplified, forward resonant position in the “cup” of the hard palette and “edgy pings” off the forward teeth.

This is “THE SNILE”. A position that amplifies the forward palette, narrows vowels and makes articulation easier.

Try it!… TRY “THE SNILE” NOW!! … and post your results here!

Video demonstration on “THE SNILE” in the forth coming future…

“THE SNILE” is just one idea and technique. It is not a “global” solution for all things singing… it you want to get a feel for forward resonance and narrowing, it is good and clearly, as demonstrated by Geddy Lee’s performance, it can help you to sing very accurately with great intonation and articulation.

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