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Why SMULE Is Great For Serious Singers

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If you are a serious singer and you’ve never heard of SMULE, we need to get you on the right track ASAP.

SMULE is a musical application, virtual studio, karaoke platform, and more, which can be easily accessed by singers all over the world. For those of you who are trying to grow your voice, you might be stuck wondering,

“What can SMULE do for me?”

Let’s dig into this one-of-a-kind music app and find out why SMULE is great for serious singers.

Massive Library of Songs

For starters, SMULE has a huge library of songs. From rock to pop to Disney and beyond, you can have access to virtually limitless music. Unlike most karaoke apps, SMULE is constantly updated with new music so that you’re not stuck singing outdated songs of yesteryear. Having a huge library like this gives you the ability to practice a wide variety of songs, which can ultimately help grow your voice.

Discover and Be Discovered

There are over 125 million users on SMULE right now. Essentially, no matter what your taste is, you’ll be able to make some singing friends. Meeting people on SMULE could eventually translate to working together in real life. No more trying to form bands or groups through strange online forums in your local area. Not only will you discover great singers from all over the world who will inspire you to grow, you will also be discovered by others. Just look at singer-songwriter Tom Bleasby, who got his start singing a viral duet on SMULE with Jessie J! Speaking of duets…

Duet With Your Favorite Singers

The most exciting thing about SMULE is the hope of collaborating with one of your favorite singers. Singers can opt to do video duets with popular singers, such as Charlie Puth, Jason Derulo, Jessie J, Carly Rae Jepsen, and many more. Not only will you get to practice along with them, but it could also be a huge break for your singing career!

Gain a Better Understanding of Recording

SMULE is a wonderful introductory tool for singers who haven’t ever spent time in a studio. The app has tons of different filters and effects for the voice, such as EQ and reverb, which you can mess around with to dial in your perfect tone! The app will force you to start thinking about your recording environment and how your voice sounds in a microphone. You’ll learn to control your voice much better as well! Though it may not be marketed in such a way, SMULE is a solid vocal training tool!

Download SMULE!

If you’re a serious singer, it is important that you take every avenue possible to take your singing career to the next level. SMULE is one of those incredible tools that too many singers never take advantage of. We can only hope that we’ve inspired you to take the plunge into SMULE to see what it can do for you!

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