Dampened Larynx - The Solution to Singing Stability

Jul 06, 2017

Because many of the desired notes for a contemporary singer are done with head voice, having stability throughout this higher range is imperative for a great performance. That being said, achieving head voice stability is similar to learning how to tune a guitar. It takes a slight bit of practice and technique to do it, but the benefits to one’s singing are considerable once stability throughout this range is achieved.

One of the best techniques to achieve stability in the head voice is to learn how to sing through a dampened larynx. Following the examples in the video above, start your onset in a neutral/relaxed laryngeal position and then push your tongue against the back of your bottom teeth. At the same time, maintain your twang compression and subtly lower your larynx slowly until you hear a rounded overtone. Although you might feel a physical movement (mainly your larynx going down), do your best to ignore your larynx at that moment. Instead, simply focus on the...

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