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What is Vocal Twang? larynx physical mode twang vocal compression vocal twang Aug 24, 2017

The Physical Vocal Mode "Twang"

Though it is important and useful for any singer to familiarize themselves with all the vocal modes. If we were...

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Dampened Larynx - The Solution to Singing Stability acoustics dampen head voice larynx stability Jul 05, 2017

Because many of the desired notes for a contemporary singer are done with head voice, having stability throughout this higher range is imperative...

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Vocal Registers: The Vibratory Mechanism belt voice chest flagolette folds fry head human larynx m0 m1 m2 m3 mechanics mechanism pulse vibratory whistle Nov 02, 2012

Head Voice & Chest Voice Science

Let’s talk about how we define vocal registers: having made a defense for the ubiquitous benefits of the...

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