Rode NTR Active Ribbon Mic Review

Sep 05, 2019

With a combination of vintage and modern qualities, this is one of the best ribbon microphones on the market today. The Rode NTR is an active ribbon microphone that has been made to compete with some of the top ribbon microphones in the world today. The 1.8 micron ribbon element on the inside, paired with the custom made transformer, create a warm sound, as well as an extended high-frequency response that allows vocalists to get that necessary air for studio-quality vocals.

If you are a vocalist who want to add a little depth and darkness to your vocal recording, yet you want to retain that modern sound, the NTR is one of the best microphones on the market.

The Good

The NTR uses high-quality active circuitry that gives you the ability to use it with preamps so that you can use it with the small interface that you likely have at your home studio. Though we love it for vocal recordings, it is a great, all-around microphone that can be used on pretty much any instrument that you can...

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