Blue Dragonfly Microphone Review

Aug 05, 2019

The Blue Dragonfly Microphone is one of the top studio condenser microphones in the Blue model line. Like many other condenser microphones, this one is perfect for instruments that emit higher frequencies, AKA the voice. In terms of tonality, it delivers a bright and crisp sound that is great for studio-standard pop vocals. If we had to compare it to any other microphones, we’d say that it is a cross between the Neumann U47 and the AKG C12.

Unlike those microphones, this one captures lows a bit better too, helping to add the necessary warmth to keep your vocals from sounding too harsh. It utilizes a cardioid pickup pattern, which is very common in vocal microphones, and runs off of +48v Phantom Power.


The Blue Dragonfly comes with a rotating head that allows you to find the perfect placement with total ease. If you are looking to record instruments beyond your voice, such as acoustic guitar, this feature can be incredibly helpful. It comes complete with a classy,...

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