Top 4 Ways to Maintain Vocal Health

Jul 26, 2019

When most singers begin their careers, they fall victim to many vocal issues that end up haunting them throughout their careers.

Here at TVS, we believe that it is important to understand these things now so that you can be an active singer for many years to come. Here are a few of the main considerations every singer or vocal athlete should take into account so that they can retain the best vocal health throughout their careers.

1. Stay Rested

If your body is tired, your voice will be tired. If your voice has not had the proper rest, it will be more susceptible to injury. You won’t have as much control over your technique if you are tired. That reduction of control will eventually end up becoming a bad habit.

Make sure to get enough sleep so that you can allow the voice some time to rest and recoup. If you don’t have the proper rest, your immune system won’t be as strong and your body will have less of an ability to fight off harmful bacteria and infections.


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