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Falsetto Is NOT The Head Voice! - Vocal Training for The Head Voice bridging bridging your vocal registers head voice hitting notes strengthen your voice vocal modes vocal training Feb 21, 2018

The Secret to a Strong Head Voice – HINT: IT’S NOT FALSETTO!


A lot of people hit the break in their...

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Learn How To Stop Choking While Singing! bridging choking lift up pull back vocal exercise Jun 27, 2017

Lift Up/Pull Back

The Lift Up/Pull Back technique helps new students and beginners to learn how to bridge from chest voice to head voice without...

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What is "Mixed Voice" and How to Sing in It! bridging formants mixed voice shifting formants third register May 15, 2017

The Mixed Voice

This is a topic that can cause confusion to many singing students trying to identify where their “mixed voice” is. If...

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