Vocal Registers: The Vibratory Mechanism

Nov 03, 2012

Head Voice & Chest Voice Science

Let’s talk about how we define vocal registers: having made a defense for the ubiquitous benefits of the ‘chest/head’ metaphor, one thing that it is not, is it is not good science. Therefore, at TVS we embrace another, more scientific set of definitions for vocal registration that enable our discussions to include the closer reality of what is really happening in and around the laryngeal region at a physiological level. This system is known as the “Vibratory Mechanism” definitions of vocal registration.

The French research team of Roubeau, Henrich, and Castellengo, have given us a simple and accurate description of our laryngeal vibratory mechanisms. It is based on what the vocal folds/cords are doing, or how they are vibrating and making sound when singing. The very real registration changes we all feel are very much to do with what is happening with inside the larynx. We will expand again on the vibratory...

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