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Who Trained Layne Staley, Chris Cornell & Ann Wilson? - Maestro David Kyle - Robert Lunte Legacy belt voice bridge your vocal registers expand your range maestro david kyle vocal training voice coach Feb 07, 2018

PASSING THE TORCH | Musical Mentors Worth Their Weight In Gold

Once in a while, a great teacher may come along who lifts you up. A mentor who...

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Sing Through Your Vocal Break! - Musculature for Belting belt voice belting ct muscle ta muscle vocal break Jul 16, 2017


The thyroid arytenoid (TA) is the muscle that is primarily responsible for chest voice sound color. Thus, for purposes of simplification...

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Vocal Registers: The Vibratory Mechanism belt voice chest flagolette folds fry head human larynx m0 m1 m2 m3 mechanics mechanism pulse vibratory whistle Nov 02, 2012

Head Voice & Chest Voice Science

Let’s talk about how we define vocal registers: having made a defense for the ubiquitous benefits of the...

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