Zylia ZM-1 Review

Oct 07, 2019

Since the introduction of recording, bands and artists have used specific microphones to capture sound from the entire room. Unfortunately, once captured, trying to fix certain sounds or mistakes was next to impossible. This is where Zylia comes in with their ZM-1 Microphone.

It makes use of 19 separate condenser microphones that are spread across the spherical body, as well as a single LED ring that runs through the equator of the device to indicate its recording functionality. Essentially, recordists have the ability to capture a 3D, 360-degree sound, as well as traditional stereo. We like to think of it as the virtual reality of the audio world. Let’s dive into our Zylia ZM-1 Review to see what this bad boy is all about.


  • 19 Microphone Omnidirectional Digital MEMS Capsules
  • LED Ring Status Recording Indicat0r
  • 48 kHz / 24-bit Recording
  • USB Connectivity
  • 20-20,000 Hz Frequency Range

The Review

Overall, the ZM-1 is impressive. It is easy to see something like this and...

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ADK Z-67 Microphone Review

Oct 02, 2019

We all love the sound of vintage microphones, though we also know how rare and inexpensive they are, making them nearly unattainable for your average producer or recordist. What is so great about ADK is that they help to provide us with that flavorful, vintage sound, all without forcing you to remortgage your home.

With rock-solid reliability and legendary versatility, it is the perfect choice for any source that needs high-quality recording standards. Let’s dig in and find out a bit more about this wonderful microphone in our ADK Z-67 Microphone Review.


  • Microphone Type: Tube Microphone
  • Directional Pattern: Cardioid/Figure 8/Omni
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: -37dB

The Review

The ADK Z-67 may just be one of the most versatile microphones in our extensive collection. It works well with just about any source that it is directed towards. This microphone was based on the Neumann M-269, which has now become one of the rarest Neumann’s on the market today....

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ISOVox 2 Review - The Vocalist Studio

Sep 25, 2019

If you record your vocals at home, you’re probably pretty familiar with problems that can arise from recording in an untreated environment. For starters, you’re dealing with noise reflections in your room, including unintentional ambient sound, early reflections, echo, and reverb, which can make your recordings sound far less professional. Secondly, you’re dealing added noise in your room or home studio that could also slip into your recordings, such as air conditioning or computer noise.

Therein enters the IsoVox 2.

It is different than stand-mounted vocal booths in that it completely surrounds the microphone, similar to the way that a standard vocal booth does. The question is, could it possibly be the answer to all your recording problems?

Let’s dig into this IsoVox 2 review to find out more!


  • Foam Construction
  • 360-Degree Isolation Coverage
  • Dimensions: 31.5″ x 19″ x 18″
  • Easy-Zipper Assembly

The Review

The IsoVox 2 is...

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Antelope Audio Edge Duo Review

Sep 18, 2019

The Antelope Audio Edge Duo Microphone claims to be an affordable modeling microphone that can emulate the expensive and widely-used mics of yesteryear at a fraction of the cost.

Could microphone modeling be the recording magic you’ve been searching for?

This is exactly what we’re here to find out in our Antelope Audio Edge Duo Review.


  • Single Capsule, Dual-Membrane Condenser
  • Switchable Polar Patterns
  • -116dB Dynamic Range
  • 20Hz-20kHz Frequency Response

The Review

The Antelope Audio Edge Duo is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that comes with a dual-membrane capsule and connects through dual XLR outputs. This is to help create the proper proximity effect and on/off-axis response of each vintage microphone that it mimics.

Antelope gives you the ability to tweak the frequency response with variable software, meaning that you can move in-between cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-eight patterns to find the perfect match for your specific recording...

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sE Magneto Condenser Mic Review

Sep 11, 2019

Could this be one of the best budget condenser microphones around?

sE Electronics has designed their Magneto microphone to provide users with high-quality studio recordings at a low price. It has a standard cardioid polar pattern that works to get rid of unwanted reflections from the back and sides of the microphone, perfect for if you are recording your vocals in a room that is untreated. It can handle pretty high SPLs too, up to 140dB, acting a lot like a dynamic microphone in that sense. The Magneto comes standard with a sleek, black finish, though modern color lovers might fall for the rose/pink version!

The Good

Overall, the tone that the microphone produces works really well with vocals among other acoustic instruments. It utilizes phantom power that runs from a standard home studio interface, as it doesn’t need a full 48v supply. There is tightly woven mesh within the capsule that helps to get rid of nasty plosives, making it great for those who don’t have a pop...

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Rode NTR Active Ribbon Mic Review

Sep 05, 2019

With a combination of vintage and modern qualities, this is one of the best ribbon microphones on the market today. The Rode NTR is an active ribbon microphone that has been made to compete with some of the top ribbon microphones in the world today. The 1.8 micron ribbon element on the inside, paired with the custom made transformer, create a warm sound, as well as an extended high-frequency response that allows vocalists to get that necessary air for studio-quality vocals.

If you are a vocalist who want to add a little depth and darkness to your vocal recording, yet you want to retain that modern sound, the NTR is one of the best microphones on the market.

The Good

The NTR uses high-quality active circuitry that gives you the ability to use it with preamps so that you can use it with the small interface that you likely have at your home studio. Though we love it for vocal recordings, it is a great, all-around microphone that can be used on pretty much any instrument that you can...

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Why Vocal Types Aren't Everything

Sep 02, 2019

When it comes to learning how to sing “properly,” many students assume that figuring out their voice type is the only way to do so. However, here at The Vocalist Studio, we have seen countless students and vocal coaches succeed without pigeon-holing themselves to a single type. By studying the art of singing as a flexible, liberal art rather than a definite, archaic art, they were able to understand and transcend the power of their own voices.

To better understand how and why vocal types aren’t the “end-all, be-all” (especially in the world of contemporary singing), let’s take a closer look at them.

Shall we?

What Are Vocal Types?

In a nutshell, vocal types are the “types” of voices used in the vocal Fach system to determine which types of singers can sing which types of notes. This classical system of singing is often used in opera and as such is often used by students and teachers to determine which songs are...

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Mojave MA-10000 Microphone Review

Aug 29, 2019

Mojave MA-1000 Condenser Microphone Review

Mojave has been somewhat of a staple in studios all around the world for quite some time. They make incredible microphones that are also fairly affordable. The MA-1000, however, is a bit different. This microphone is world-class, perfect for the professional vocalist who wants something that is high-end and studio-ready.


  • Microphone Type: Tube Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional / Figure-Eight
  • MAX SPL: 120dB
  • Pads: -15dB
  • Tube: 5840
  • Connector: XLR
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs.

The Review

The MA-1000 was designed by David Royer, the man behind the famous Royer R-121. Sonically, it sounds a lot like the classic Telefunken ELA M 251, though it utilizes a low-noise multi-pattern tube design that helps to bring it into the modern era of microphones.

The microphone comes complete with a high-quality Sling-Shock shock mount so that you are ready to go right out of the box, as well as a Mogami microphone cable and an internal power supply. Between...

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RĂ˜DE NT1 Condenser Mic Review

Aug 26, 2019

With such a low price tag, can this studio condenser microphone offer the same, high vocal performance capabilities of other condensers? The Rode NT1 looks very similar to the NT1A, which was released almost two decades ago. It has now been totally redesigned to be a daily driver vocal microphone for all kinds of instruments, including guitars, drums, and of course, vocals. The brand new capsule has been completely redeveloped to help focus better on the midrange, meaning it captures the important part of the voice like a charm. The high frequencies are smooth as butter, the highs are crisp and clear, and the lows are warm and round without it ever feeling too boomy.

Overall, this microphone is a stand-out microphone in its price range.

The Good

The NT1 is able to produce crystal clear sounds with its ability to pick up the smallest vocal nuances in any kind of performance. All you will require is a small amount of vocal processing on the back end to get a professional sound. No...

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Antelope Audio Edge Solo Review

Aug 20, 2019

Not all of us can afford to have a line of top-notch microphones at our disposal. This is where a company like Antelope comes in to save the day. As a music gear company, they have been focused on music technology and innovation since their inception. With the recent expansion of the Edge series, they have hit a gold mine in terms of modeling technology. Today we’re going to be getting you familiar with one of their entry-level modeling microphones, the Antelope Audio Edge Solo.


  • Microphone Type: Large Diaphragm Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 20HZ – 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: -35dB

The Review

Even at a relatively low price compared to many condenser microphones on the market, the Antelope Audio Edge Solo sounds like a top-notch microphone. It utilizes Antelope’s modeling technology that gives you the ability to emulate some of the world’s top microphones. Accurate? Uncanny is more like it!

One of my favorite microphones to model is the...

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